October Issue Volume 6

We want to welcome you to the October, 2006 issue of Natural Champion, the online magazine devoted to developing drug free champions.

Our mission at Natural Champion is to promote physical excellence without the use of harmful and illegal performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you attain the very highest standards of peak physical performance and vibrant, life-long health.

Natural Champion has more than doubled in size in only three issues. We are pleased to have you along as we continue to grow.

/i//Cara_beach_pose___2.jpg Other Features and Columns this month include:

Ask the Natural Champion: How Low Do You Go? The proper technique for the king of exercises.

In the Gym:
TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: STEP ONE: LAYING THE FOUNDATION PART III – An Advanced Routine for size, strength and power.

Natural Nutrition: CALORIE COUNTER. Helping take the guesswork out of your nutrition planning.

Introducing… This month we're pleased to introduce two Natural Champions...

JAMES DEMELO - “Resurrection” – the true story of a bodybuilding superstar’s mental, physical and spiritual transformation.


CARA THIEN - Meet Cara Thien, a tall (5’7”), stunning (check the photos) wife, mother, personal trainer, fitness competitor and fitness model.

SPECIAL REPORT: NATURALLY JUIC’D STUDY We conducted an eight week field study on Naturally Juic’d, the revolutionary, all-in-one product designed specifically for drug free athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The results are in – and they exceeded our expectations!

News & Views: BREAKING NEWS - Charles Hawkins, Natural Mr. Universe, has signed on as the first official spokesperson for Naturally Juic’d and other Natural Champion products!


/i/James2_1.jpg GUESS COLUMN – THE FORCE OR DARK SIDE Guest columnist Kenny Guess talks about resisting the pull of the drug demons SOUND OFF - Dr. Goldman, steroids and anti-aging medicine – The Other Side of the Coin. Famed anti-steroid author advocates testosterone and growth hormone to fight the ravages of aging.

We invite you to join us on our journey…