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Site of Dave Draper, the legendary Blond Bomber, Mr. America, Mr. World,
Mr. Universe.  A free weekly newsletter written by the Bomber himself that
contains more real life information on bodybuilding and nutrition that
some entire magazines on the newstands, plus a great forum.  Dave does
most of the writing and Laree is the glue that puts and holds it all
together.  Great combination, great website.
A genuine Iron Icon, an all-time great bodybuilder whose competitive career spanned nearly 20 years.  Mr. America, 4 times Mr. Universe, strongman, successful gym owner, author (his Keys To The Inner Universe ranks as one of the definitive books on bodybuilding) and most of all a true gentleman.

Home of the FAME Model Agency specializing in film, TV, print and
Tradeshow work for fit physiques and the WNSO (World Natural Sports
Organization), sponsors of the FAME World Tour and FAME Fitness Expos.
Home Site of the United States Bodybuilding Federation.  "Our Mission is to offer Natural Athletes the opportunity to compete in bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions (Local, Regional and National) where fair and objective drug testing is a priority."
Lazarus Labs is a non-prescription pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of safe and effective products designed to enhance human health and wellness.
The domain of Joe Roark, Iron Game Historian and Record Keeper Extraordinaire.  A treasure chest of topics covering the entire spectrum of the Iron Game - bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman and more.  Outstanding forum with a wealth of information and a well-moderated, respectful tone.
Dedicated to commemorating bodybuildings Glory Days, from Grimek, Reeves and Park to Scott, Pearl and Draper, to Arnold and the Pumping Iron gang, it's ll here.  Articles, interviews and a forum you don't want to miss.  Posts by bodybuilding legends like Ed Corney, Joe Meeko, Danny Padilla, Bill Grant and others who share their stories and their secrets.  Bookmark this one.
Christian Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness
Site of bodybuilding legend Casey Viator, the youngest Mr. America in
history, Pro Grand Prix Champion, the subject of the famous Colorado
Experiment, author and world renowned trainer.

Home site of bodybuilding legend Reg Park.  Three times Mr. Universe, star of Hercules films, and a successful business man, at his peak Reg was considered by many to be best built man in the world and also was one of the strongest (he was the 2nd man in the world to bench press 500 pounds).  Lots of good pictures and information by and about a true natural champion.

Bob Whelan's Natural Strength website.

A site about drug-free strength training with lots of good information, including a super Physical Culture History section.
Tom Venuto's website devoted to natural bodybuilding.  Created BY a bodybuilder FOR bodybuilders and other physique athletes.  Lots of good articles with solid information presented in Blog form.  Be sure and check this site out.
Billed as the world's largest bodybuilding site, includes articles, forums, message boards, audio and visual shows, contest updates and a huge online store.

Palmieri Bodybuilding is a natural-drug free bodybuilding site providing information and resources for bodybuilders and weight training enthusiasts. A site where the 1960’s “Golden Era” of bodybuilding remains alive and well.
Fitness Links - Your Health and Fitness Resource!
Drug Free is an information and product resource for genetically average bodybuilders who want to maximize their bodybuilding potential without the use of anabolic steroids.

Dedicated to building a beautiful and healthy physique... Drug-Free!
Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. Free Fitness Tips.
Site of Clarence Bass' Ripped Enterprises.  Clarence Bass is an attorney, bodybuilding champion, author, and fitness expert.  The site is packed with articles on diet, nutrition, strength training, aerobic exercise, personal profiles and more.  Check it out.

Dan Lurie of "Muscle Training Illustrated" fame and the promoter of
contests from the 1940's is re launching the World Body Building Guild and
Muscle Training Illustrated Magazine. Contests expected in 2007 at amateur
and professional levels.
Bodybuilding e-books is a source for bodybuilding and weight training e-books and information.

Greg Sushinsky is a drug free bodybuilder and a professional writer who
has had articles published in a number of magazines and journals including
Iron Man, Muscle Training Illustrated, and Natural Physique (now Natural
Bodybuilding). His writing has been included in a bodybuilding anthology.
He also wrote and self-published The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual
and has just recently completed and published The Hard
Gainer Report.

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