July Issue Volume 3
Date : July 15, 2006

We want to welcome you to the July, 2006 issue of Natural 
Champion, the online magazine devoted to developing drug 
free champions. 
Our mission at Natural Champion is to promote physical 
excellence without the use of harmful and illegal 
performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide 
information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you 
attain the very highest standards of peak physical 
performance and vibrant, life-long health.  
Natural Champion has more than doubled in size in only 
three issues. We are pleased to have you along as we 
continue to grow. 
This month we pleased and honored to welcome Charles 
Letcher, MD to our staff as a contributing writer and 
editor. Dr. C is a unique individual: a graduate of West 
Point, a veteran of five years active duty in the U.S. 
Military, which duty included stints as a Special Forces 
operative, an experienced weight trainer, and a man of 
intelligence, passion and compassion. Don’t miss Dr. 
Letcher’s first article “Kick The Habit Before It Kicks 
Your Ass” in our new column Paging Dr. Letcher. 
Other Features and Columns this month include: 
Ask the Natural Champion: To Squat or Not to Squat? Here 
what the Champ has to say.  
In the Gym: This month we continue exploring the world of 
XPE by looking at some key aspects of this unique and 
extremely effective training system PLUS we focus on 
helping beginning trainers get off to the right start in 
Natural Nutrition: A ‘sets and reps’ nutrition article with 
a template, or blueprint, for a sample daily diet for a 
male athlete.  
Introducing… This month we're pleased to introduce two 
Natural Champions... 
Elizabeth Jones - this stunning and talented mother of a 16 
year old son holds down a full time job, is studying for 
her masters degree – and still finds time to train. So much 
for the old ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’ excuse. 
Renaldo Gairy - a college graduate, an artist, a successful 
personal trainer, and a bodybuilder who took the 2005 
Muscle Mania Canada Light Heavyweight and Overall titles 
and first place in the open division of the 2005 FAME World 
Championships…all in his first year as a competitive 
News & Views: Get Juiced - The Natural Way! Helping to 
level the playing field... Field Study Test on Naturally 
PLUS websites to check out AND upcoming contests and 
events. Natural Champion has more than doubled in size in 
only three issues and the next issue promises to be even 
bigger! We hope you’ll join us on our journey.