June Issue Volume 2
Date : June 15, 2006

We want to welcome you to the June, 2006 issue of Natural 
Champion, the online magazine devoted to developing drug 
free champions. 
Our mission at Natural Champion is to promote physical 
excellence without the use of harmful and illegal 
performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide 
information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you 
attain the very highest standards of peak physical 
performance and vibrant, life-long health.  
This month's Features and Columns include: 
Ask the Natural Champion: You Got To Pay Your Dues!  
In the Gym: The XPE Experience - Where The Big Dogs Come To 
Natural Nutrition: All Calories Are Not Created Equal.  
Science backs up what observation and common sense have 
told us all along... 
Introducing… This month we're pleased to introduce two 
Natural Champions... 
Karen Stephens - The first female to be featured in Natural 
Champion magazine. We at Natural Champion wish there were 
more ladies like Karen! 
Tony Villani - The founder of XPE (Xtreme Performance 
Enhancement system), Tony has impressive academic 
credentials and even more impressive real world results, 
with XPE clients ranging from A-List professional sports 
stars to college and high school athletes to every day 
fitness enthusiasts. 
News & Views: Get Juiced - The Natural Way! Helping to 
level the playing field... 
Guest Column: Kenny Guess - "I've Had Enough!" 
We invite you to join us on our journey…