Premier Issue

May 15, 2006

We want to welcome you to the premier issue of The Natural 
Champion, the online magazine devoted to developing drug 
free champions. 
Our mission at The Natural Champion is to promote physical 
excellence without the use of harmful and illegal 
performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide 
information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you 
attain the very highest standards of peak physical 
performance and vibrant, life-long health. Features and 
columns will include: 
Ask the Natural Champion: This is where you can get answers 
to your training questions straight from the Natural Champ 
In the Gym: A column devoted to training techniques for the 
drug free athlete, male and female, covering bodybuilding, 
power lifting, martial arts, football, track and field, 
swimming, volleyball, baseball, basketball and any other 
sport our readers want to hear about. 
Natural Nutrition: This column will explore the 
relationship of food to the body and mind of the natural 
Introducing… A section featuring stories and photos of 
natural champions, male and female, not only from 
bodybuilding and fitness world but from the ‘whole wide 
world of sports’. If you, or someone you know, is a 
‘natural’, we’d like to hear about them. 
News & Views: Ranging from breaking research to upcoming 
shows to the latest word on the street. 
History of Natural Champions – A column devoted to the drug 
free champions of yesteryear, legends whose accomplishments 
still stand tall in the modern world of the 
pharmaceutically enhanced.  
We invite you to join us on our journey…