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Tilting the Playing Field
15 Aug 2006

An oft repeated excuse used by athletes to justify their intake of performance enhancing drugs is that, “Everybody’s doing it. I’m just trying to level the playing field”.

But the reality is that, for one reason or another – moral issues, fear of side effects, fear of legal ramifications, fear of failing mandated drug tests, inability to obtain drugs - all athletes in a given field do not take steroids and other performance enhancing chemicals. So in fact the athletes on such substances are not leveling the field – they are tilting it in their favor.

Logically, then, given the reality that such drugs exist, the only way to level the field is to

a) legislate that all athletes competing in that sport must take certain prescribed drugs,

or -

b) legislate that such drugs be outlawed in the sport or athletic endeavor - which is, for example, being done via drug free contests in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Now we are not intending to get into moral issues here, for when an athlete is paid millions of dollars a year it must certainly be tempting to take whatever help is available. Nor do we want to open the legal Pandora’s Box, for if the lawmakers of the land deem possession of steroids and growth hormone – both of which have been shown to be of value in treating certain medical symptoms and conditions if taken as prescribed by a physician – illegal and punishable by prison time, then what about other substances, such as tobacco, that clearly cause harm, even death, and are legal?

We are simply saying that with drugs there comes a price, be it sanctions within the sport, problems with the legal/judicial system, health issues, or all of the above…and that there is a better way, a safer, more lasting way, to become the best you can be – a Natural Champion on the playing field and off.

We put a check by Box ‘b’…



Arley Vest 

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