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It's Not Just The Big Boys 'N Girls
15 Jul 2006

The public image of drug use in sports tends to begin and end with images of huge, ripped bodybuilders, suddenly hulking baseball sluggers whose home run production increased in tempo with their body size, football running backs who pack more beef on their frames than the linemen of yesterday, or perhaps the track stars, male and female, with lean racehorse bodies propelled on incredibly muscular and powerful legs. But what about the ‘little’ boys and girls…the less bulky and muscular athletes who compete in tennis and cycling and volleyball and swimming and skiing and….well, table tennis??

The fact is, the use of banned performance enhancing drugs and substances is not limited to the more easily ‘visible’ athletes and trainees. Any substance than can increase strength or speed or endurance or energy output is going to be used somewhere, sometime.

But sometimes when you win, you really lose.






Arley Vest


Arley Vest 

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