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Naturally Juic'd Study
15 Aug 2006

We’re in the final stages of a comprehensive ‘field test study’ on the effects of Naturally Juic’d on a wide range of participants that includes high level competitive athletes and casual ‘weekend’ fitness enthusiast from ages ranging from late teens to the senior citizen category. Next month we’ll have the full results but for now we can say that the high expectations of our manufacturing lab have more than been met.

We can also state that we have been pleasantly surprised to receive a number of unsolicited testimonials to the positive effects of Naturally Juic’d in improving workout performance, increasing energy and combating fatigue, decreasing and even eliminating joint pain, increasing lean mass while concurrently decreasing body fat and other good stuff.

For those who missed it, last month we broke the news that Natural Champion Enterprises had enlisted the help of Lazarus Labs, a non-prescription pharmaceutical company and a subsidiary of the Benito Enterprises conglomerate to help come up with a solution for all those drug free athletes and fitness enthusiasts who were looking for something to help level the playing field and provide a legal boost in physical performance without suffering any negative side effects. As we noted, the challenge was to produce a product met several criteria, including:

*It had to be safe…No danger of ingesting harmful substances…No danger of failing any drug tests.
*It had to be effective…Simply put, it had to Work!

*It had to be economical…An all-in-one formula that not only took the guess work out of shopping for supplements but that could be obtained for a fraction of the cost of the primary ingredients if bought separately.

*It had to taste good….Really good.

*It had to be the best product out there.

The Lazarus Labs manufacturing facility has been in business since 1977 – nearly 30 years of experience and technological expertise. Their research and development team rose to the challenge, and after a year of testing came up with a product that met all the criteria.

The result was NATURALLY JUIC’D – a product meticulously bio-engineered to give the natural, drug-free athlete the competitive edge,  Naturally Juic’d includes everything you need in a single, comprehensive package – and it TASTES GREAT!!

The Naturally Juic’d formula includes:

*Lean Mass Synthesis Precursors
*Powerful Muscle Cell Volumizer
*Natural Hormone Enhancers
*Energy & Endurance Enhancers
*Natural Growth Factors
*Healthy Joint Support Factors
*Insulin Optimizers
*Anti-Catabolic Factors
*Essential Omega 6 Fatty Acids
*Immune System Strengtheners

PLUS 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, the newly discovered naturally-derived non-hormonal anabolic and anti-catabolic compound shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis, increase lean mass, and improve overall recovery from exercise.

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