INTRODUCING…Dana and Jess Maney

Mr. and Mrs. Natural Champion
15 Aug 2007

In this day and age when the average adult American tends to be overweight, overtired, and totally out of shape, an adult who is fit, healthy and attractive is something special.  And when you find a husband and wife who are both fit, healthy and attractive, well, that’s something extra special.  Which is exactly what Dana and Jess Maney are - extra special.

We featured Dana on our cover in September, 2006 and now we are pleased to present both Dana and her husband Jess as our first ever husband-and-wife dual cover models and Introducing…. column features.

We first heard of Dana Maney when we received an email inquiry asking how a natural competitor could be featured on our site.  We sent back our standard questionnaire plus a request for photos, and when we looked at the bio and photos that were forwarded as requested it was a slam dunk…Dana, the young lady who sent it the inquiry, was perfect for our cover!

Dana Maney, who turned 30 last year, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in Hammond, Wisconsin.  She currently lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin with her husband and daughters Liz and Andrea.

Dana earned her Bachelor’s Degree from UW Stout and is a high school special education teacher at Glenwood City High School where she has worked with students with learning disabilities for the past 9 years.  In August she received a M.S.E. from UWEC and has tentative plans to eventually complete her studies for an Administrative Specialists Degree and perhaps even go on to acquire her Doctorate.

This busy wife, mother, teacher and part-time student still manages to get in regular workouts at BodyWorks Athletic Club, and compete for TEAM Bodyworks (interesting how our Natural Champions get into fantastic shape and yet lead well-rounded lives, with jobs, families, schooling and varied interests…a refreshing change from the dead-end ‘gym rat’ mentality). 

Her nutrition pattern generally consists of high protein and moderate carbohydrates.  Pre-Contest, she goes to a carb rotation system of 3 days low carbs, then 2 days high carbs.  As Dana gets closer to a competition, she switches it up and throws in additional cardio sessions as needed.  Her well-defined goal is to get her off season body in shape enough so that she can focus more on building and less on BURNING FAT!  This is a strategy we at Naturally Champion enthusiastically endorse…and one which obviously works for Dana!

When we asked if there were any people Dana wanted to give special mention to who have helped or inspired her, she had the following to say:

“I have had a tremendous team of support and encouragement along the way!  If not for my husband, I would never dreamed of the goals I have achieved!  I am 100% healthier, and more fit than I ever was at 20!  He has stood by me as I struggled and triumphed!  He, too, is a competitive bodybuilder in search of his pro card! 

My daughters are my biggest fans!  They have to adjust their lives to support our chaotic lifestyle.  They live for the off-season cheat meal nights at Applebees! 

I have to include the woman who inspired me to begin this journey, Melissa Sinclair, WNBF Pro Figure Competitor.  I also want to express sincere gratitude to my mom, brother and all of our friends.”

Since being featured in the September 2006 issue, Dana competed in October and took 3rd place tall figure at the NANBF Best of the Midwest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, appeared at the Arnold Classic in a booth for Your Whey Protein as well as taking part in Jen Hendershott’s fitness fashion show, and this past May took 4th place at the NANBF Pro-Qualifier Mr. and Mrs. Minnesota.

Dana not only gives credit to her husband, Jess, for encouraging and supporting her fitness and competition efforts, she is very proud of his own accomplishments.  In fact, Dana was the one who contacted us about a possible article on him and followed up with the biographical and training information.

Jess and Dana Maney have been married since January 3, 2006. They were the only husband and wife teams at the 2006 NANBF Mr. and Mrs. Minnesota Competition, and Best of the Midwest Competition in Cedar Rapids Iowa.


Jess Maney is a 2001 graduate of Mount Scenario College in Ladsmith, WI, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science.   He holds Personal Training Certification from ACE, and IFPA.  Currently he is the general manager and head trainer at BodyWorks Athletic Club in Menomonie, WI. As a skinny kid, Jess dreamed of playing football, but knew he would need to get bigger to be successful.  So at age 13, in his basement, on a home weight bench, he began his journey.  His years of commitment paid off, and he went on to a record breaking high school career, and very successful college career, including 2 College Championship seasons.  After 13 years of training, he decided to compete, and has done so exceptionally well in the NANBF, most recently taking 1st in both the Novice and Overall divisions of the 2006 Best of the Mid West show.


Jess is a member of the WI National Guard.  In 2003 he was deployed to Iraq to serve our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  During his 14 month deployment he set up a camp gym and assisted many soldiers in designing individualized program…his way of staying sane in a time that sanity was hard to come by.  When he wasn’t out on missions, Jess would spend his down time in the make shift gym.


Jess has many long-time personal training clients that have made significant changes to their health, body, and mind as a result of working with him.  He is dedicated to the sport of natural bodybuilding and is currently in the process of being certified to train competitors.  Jess Maney’s commitment to helping people goes far beyond the gym.  He believes in the value of serving others by being active in the community and volunteering when he can.


Jess and Dana Maney’s Training Programs.

Choose 2-3 exercises per muscle group.  They perform 1 to 2 warm up sets per muscle groups, then Dana does 4 sets of 12 reps to failure and Jess does 4 sets

Dana                                                                          Jess


Day 1:             Quads and Glutes

                        Smith squat                                      Bar squat*

Step up *                                            Leg press

Smith lunge                                      1 leg- leg ext

High lunge                                        Smith lunge

Walking lunge                                  Walking lunge


                        Donkey calf raise                             Leg press calfraises

                        Standing raises                                Seated calf raise

                                                                                   Donkey calf raise


Day 2              Chest

                        Flat DB press (heavy) *                   Incline bench press (cg)

                        High cable fly                                   Flat DB press

                        Low cable fly                                    Low pulley cable cross*

                        Pec deck/ DB fly                             Pec deck



                        Lying cable curl*                              Lying cable curl*

                        One leg high press                          Leg curl machine

                        Leg curl machine (1 leg)                 High press on leg press

                        Dead lift (1 leg)                                Romanian dead lift


ABS          (FOR BOTH)

Hanging leg lift                                            Swiss ball crunch

Reverse crunches                                      Supine bicycles

Hip ups                                                        Weighted leg raises (Jess only)


Day 3              Back

                        Incline straight arm pull down        Weighted pull ups

                        One arm DB row/ cable                  Rev grip bar row

                        Double DB/ Bar row                         One arm DB row

                        One arm seated row                        Seated row

                        Back extensions*                             Back extensions*



                        Preacher DB/ bar curl*                    Reverse preacher bar/DB curl

                        Barbell curl                                        EZ barbell curl*

                        Alt. DB curl                                        Alt DB curl

                        DB hammer curl                              Cable rope curl


*********Jess does Calves, choose from Day 1**********

Day 4              Delts

                        Seated DB press*                            Seated bar/DB press*

                        Front bar/ DB raises                         Front bar/ DB raise/cable

                        DB lateral raise                                 DB/ cable lateral raise

                        Bent over rear raise/cable               Cable/rear raise



                        Close grip bench                             Skull Crushers

                        Overhead ext.                                   Rev. grip decline bench

                        Reverse grip skull crushers           Overhead DB ext

                        DB/ cable kick backs*                      Press down  

                                                                                    Weighted dips*



                        ABS – Choose from Day 2


Day 5              REST


Day 6              REPEAT CYCLE


Dana does cardio 5-6 days per week for 45-60 minutes while Jess normally does

2-3 days of morning cardio.

We hope our readers are as inspired by the story and example of Jess and Dana Maney as we are – and that we have the opportunity to bring you more about this super Natural Champion husband and wife team in the near future.