INTRODUCING…Mary-Pier Gaudet
A Rapidly Rising Star in the FAME Galaxy!
15 Mar 2007

We have mentioned before that the FAME agency and the WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) has been extremely helpful in furnishing us with information on their contests and their athletes and models.  This month we continue the tradition of featuring WNSO/FAME personalities by Introducing Mary-pier Gaudet.



Mary-pier Gaudet is a petite 23 year old fitness competitor from the small town of Ville-Marie in Abitibi-Temiscaminque, Quebec.  Mary moved to Montreal some four years ago to try to realize her dream, which was to compete in Fitness Competitions.


Mary says that as a little girl she was really impressed by Sylvia Tremblay and wanted to be like her.  This past year she hooked up with renown trainer Larry Vinette, to help her reach her goals.


She placed second at her very first competition, the Fame East in 2006, then decided to focus on the next level.  She subsequently competed at the WNSO World Championships, held in Toronto in June of 2006 and placed first in Advanced, attaining her WNSO Pro Status. The same day she competed in the Pro division and - without any expectation - placed second!


Mary-pier says that fitness just improves everything in her life in a “good way”, giving her more confidence which carries over into other aspects of her life.  Fitness, she says, makes her stronger today and better able to cope with whatever life throws her way.


She gives thanks to her coach Larry and her inspiration Sylvia.  She says they’re both amazing friends for whom she has lots of respect.


As far as the future is concerned, Mary-pier Gaudet intends to focus on hard training during the off-season and try to improve her physique with a high protein diet and heavy training in preparation to compete for the Pro World fitness

Figure Champion Title.   With her dedication, focus and her rapid early success, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Mary-pier holding the winners’ trophy.









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