Introducing...Matt Shepley
Busy, Brainy and Brawny
1 Dec 2006

Matt Shepley is one of the leading forces in the drug free fitness and bodybuilding movement.  He is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Fitness & Physique Magazine, a newsstand publication that caters to the general health & fitness oriented with a special section featuring drug-free bodybuilding (


Matt is also the National Chairman of the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB), a drug-free amateur physique federation that operates in the U.S. ( and the President of the International Fitness & Physique Association (IFPA), a pro drug-free physique federation with international amateur affiliates (


As if all that didn’t keep him busy enough, Matt is co-owner of Core Nutritionals, a sports nutrition company (, a U.S. drug-tested bodybuilding historian, and a physique photographer.

The thing about Matt Shepley is that he practices what he preaches – he’s a successful bodybuilding competitor who has built up an impressive physique that demonstrates you can get ripped without drugs (check out the accompanying photos).

Matt, who was born May 7,1969, lives in Bryans Road, Maryland, is busy (see the foregoing), brainy, (he has a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology) and brawny (he stands 6’ 1 ½ “, weighs about 220 off season and generally competes in the 195 pound range).

When we asked Matt about his training and nutrition programs he sent us the following:

Training Overview:

3-4 days per week (Chest/Biceps/Abs, Quads/Hams, Shoulders/Triceps/Abs, Back/Calves). Mostly heavier weights/lower reps (except for muscles that benefit from lighter weight/higher rep training such as the soleus of the calves).

Favorite exercises include Partial Deadlifts, Pullover Machine, Behind the Neck Shoulder Press on Smith Machine (lowering only to base of skull) to hit side delts and Close grip Pulley Curls, which he says always seems to give him a great pump at the end of a bicep workout.

Nutrition Overview:

A sample diet day in Matt's contest mode would be:

8am Oatmeal w/Protein Powder

10:30am Chicken breast, rice, green beans

1:30pm MRP

4pm Tuna, rice, broccoli

7pm MRP

9:30 pm Eye Round steak, rice, salad

Midnight Protein powder

Matt says he is not real strict off-season but he is careful to make sure he gets a ‘hit’ of protein every few hours.

 He uses the following supplements on a regular basis:

Meal Replacement Powder (Core MRP)

Post-Workout Recovery Powder (Core PWO)

Essential Fatty Acid’s (Health from the Sun Total EFA)

Multi Vitamin/Mineral (Ultimate Nutrition Super Complete)


Nighttime protein powder (Cyto Sport EvoPro)

Joint Care (USP Labs Cissus Rx


For information on the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders, its contests and events, log onto  Also, you can check out Fitness & Physique Magazine at

We want to thank Matt Shepley for sharing some information with our readers and we look forward to seeing and hearing more about him.





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