Introducing...Cara Thien
15 Oct 2006

Cara Thien is a tall (5’7”), stunning (check the photos), 38 year old (interesting how fitness people look so much YOUNGER than their chronological age), wife, mother, personal trainer, fitness competitor and fitness model. Cara was born in
Nanaimo, BC and currently lives in Tsawwassen. We always like to give our readers a personal glimpse of our featured athletes and models, and Cara was kind enough to send us the following information:

“I started competing after my second child. Truthfully, I had always loved the fitness models in Oxygen magazine but I never thought that I could actually look like they did, never mind the routine! I have trained all my life and once I got pregnant I was truly depressed about the weight that I had put on and had a hard time dealing with the different me! I trained through both of my pregnancies and when I started to resemble a younger me I discussed the possibility of training for a competition. I spoke with my trainer and he told me that I could do it, he gave me a few different numbers to contact and off I went!

“Ocean Bloom did my choreography the first year and she was awesome! So many trainers told me to do figure or try next year but she encouraged me to follow my dream. I placed 5th the first time out of 20 girls and Wow some of them were so great! I can’t tell you how awesome it felt, being on stage and accomplishing my goal. It was the biggest high a person could ask for! If you can imagine, I had been so fearful that I would never be good enough to do what those girls did! But no matter what happened I was just so grateful to be there.

“I was so excited to begin preparing myself for the next year, I thought at the time, now that I knew what to expect I could do better. I trained hard all year and had registered for two shows, the Regional and the National in Toronto. I ended up with walking pneumonia 10 weeks out! I had been training with it for 4 weeks and all the while had been feeling so awful – no wonder! I was exhausted but I went on stage and placed 3rd in two fitness categories, novice and open. I was exhilarated.

“I went home to prepare for Toronto. I had to make all the necessary changes to my costume, music and choreography to place better there. I was still feeling really tired and I found it hard to go to the gym and thought it was due to the illness but my husband said, Hey I think your pregnant. WHAT! I have never been so scared in all my life …all my plans, the plane tickets, the hotel reservations, all my little plans and designs…apparently it was not meant to be. Yes, we were pregnant! Six weeks pregnant! It was a little difficult to take at that moment but I started my schooling to become a personal trainer that year and did what I could to stay in good shape through the pregnancy! Our family would grow to five…..what an experience!

“I am currently training and plan to compete again and I’m 4 weeks away from being a registered personal trainer! Oh, I also got the opportunity this year to meet Jen Hendershott, I can’t tell you how fitness has changed my life! I’m just so grateful to the people in this industry and the amazing opportunities it has brought me and my family.”

We asked Cara for information about her nutrition and training and she sent us the following:

Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes! _ cup of blueberries on top

Mid-Morning Snack: protein shake

Lunch: chicken, rice, salad

Mid-Afternoon Snack: protein shake or 3 carb bar

Dinner: chicken and cauliflower

optional snack: 3 egg white omelet with mushroom and onion

Typical workout example for 3 days of weights

Exercise   Sets   Reps
Smith Squats   3   8
Walking Lunges   3   12/leg
Lat Pull Down   3   12
Seated Cable Row   3   12
Bench Press   3   12
Pec Dec   3   12
Shoulder Press   3   8
Lat Raises   3   10
Bent Over Raises   3   12
DB Curls   3   12
Head Bangers   3   12
Crunches   3   30
Hip Lifts   3   30
Stretch Out        

This is a superset, once completed 1 min of cardio

Training week at a glance:
Monday - whole body workout
Tuesday - trick training
Wednesday - whole body workout
Thursday - flexibility
Friday - whole body workout
Saturday - trick training
Sunday - off

Note: Trick training includes push-ups, presses, plyometrics, and strength moves.

As you can see from the above, Cara Thien is very disciplined in her approach to both nutrition and training – and it definitely has paid off!

We at Natural Champion want to thank Cara for sharing her story with us. We know she will be an inspiration and a role model to many of our readers and we look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.

Arley Vest 

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