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15 Sep 2006

Not long ago we received an email asking how a natural competitor could be featured on our site. We sent back our standard questionnaire plus a request for photos, and when we looked at the bio and photos that were forwarded as requested it was a slam dunk…Dana Maney, the young lady who sent in the inquiry, was perfect for our cover!


Dana Maney, who is just turning 30, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in Hammond, Wisconsin. She currently lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin with her husband and daughters Liz and Andrea.

Dana earned her Bachelor’s Degree from UW Stout and is a high school special education teacher at Glenwood City High School where she has worked with students with learning disabilities for the past 9 years. In August she received a M.S.E. from UWEC and plans to eventually complete her studies for an Administrative Specialists Degree and perhaps even go on to acquire her Doctorate.

This busy wife, mother, teacher and part-time student still manages to get in regular workouts at BodyWorks Athletic Club, and compete for TEAM Bodyworks (interesting how our Natural Champions get into fantastic shape and yet lead well-rounded lives, with jobs, families, schooling and varied interests…a refreshing change from the dead-end ‘gym rat’ mentality). Dana is currently in training for her third NANBF Figure Competition, which will take place in October, so the term ‘regular workouts’ doesn’t quite cover what she does. Her training and nutrition for contest prep is, in her own words, very rigorous and rigid, with 5 AM cardio and 5 PM weight training and Saturday morning Leg Day Blowouts!

Her nutrition pattern generally consists of high protein and moderate carbohydrates. Pre-Contest, she goes to a carb rotation system of 3 days low carbs, then 2 days high carbs. As Dana gets closer to a competition, she switches it up and throws in additional cardio sessions as needed. Her well-defined goal is to get her off season body in shape enough so that she can focus more on building and less on BURNING FAT! This is a strategy we at Naturally Champion enthusiastically endorse…and one which obviously works for Dana!

In addition to eating clean, she supplements with a multivitamin, fish oils, Glutamine, and whey protein. She says she is a huge fan of Your Whey Protein, a fat free, sugar free, carb free unflavored protein isolate that she uses in cooking and baking.

When we asked if there were any people Dana wanted to give special mention to who have helped or inspired her, she had the following to say:

“I have had a tremendous team of support and encouragement along the way! If not for my husband, I would never dreamed of the goals I have achieved! I am 100% healthier, and more fit than I ever was at 20! He has stood by me as I struggled and triumphed! He, too, is a competitive bodybuilder in search of his pro card!

My daughters, who are 10 and 12 are my biggest fans! They have to adjust their lives to support our chaotic lifestyle. They live for the off-season cheat meal nights at Applebees!

I have to include the woman who inspired me to begin this journey, Melissa Sinclair, WNBF Pro Figure Competitor. Missy and I became friends years ago, when neither of us were in any place to even think about competing. As our goals became more clear, we set our sights on the possibility of competing. Missy supported and encouraged me as I trained for my 1st show in Oct of 2004, and with that, decided to compete in the Spring of 05, taking 2nd place at her 1st show, and just 5 weeks later, winning her pro card at her second show in Des Moines, IA. We traveled to Boston this past May to watch her take 3rd place at her 1st Pro competition. She is an amazing woman, and tremendous athlete!

I also want to express sincere gratitude to my mom, brother and all of our friends.”

We at Natural Champion are glad that Dana Maney ‘found’ us and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a future natural champion mention in the Introducing… column that she was inspired by reading about Dana.


Arley Vest 

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