Introducing...Cory Gregory
15 Aug 2006

Anyone who thinks that all bodybuilders are gym rats who plan their days around working out, eating, sleeping and playing video games should meet Cory Gregory -
a young man with an abundance of energy, talent and ambition. Now only 27 years of age, Cory has the following accomplishments to his credit:

A. He holds a Columbus State Exercise Specialist Degree

B. He’s a successful businessman
*Owner of T3 Personal Training, founded in1999
*Owner of the website which averages 30,000 hits per month!
*Owner of the Old School Gym – a 1970’s old school Venice Beach style 4000 square foot facility
*He has an online Personal Fat Loss coaching program that currently includes clients in Rhode Isand,Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina

C. He’s a professional model
* Full Page Ad (Coming out Oct.2005 Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness)
*Flex Street Scene (contest Photo) 2000
*Cosmo 6 issues 2001
*International Male model Contest on ETV! 2002 top 10
*Model Universe Fame Miami top 10
*2004 Perfect guy Calendar Mr. December

D. He’s a competitive bodybuilder
*Competed in 5 Natural Bodybuilding Contest
*Receiving best Poser in all 5 Contest plus crossovers

E. He’s the creator of the ONBF (Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation), an
organization that he created 4 years ago, and a contest promoter.

How did Cory accomplish so much at such a relatively young age? Well, he didn’t have anything handed to him, that’s for sure. Let’s hear Cory’s story in his own words..

From: Muscle & Fitness Magazine

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I am from a small coal mining town in southern Ohio where I grew from very humble beginnings. I started lifting weights around age 14 and began dreaming of working as a trainer or doing something in the fitness industry. As I grew older I became focused on goals that some people believed to be unattainable. I wanted to own a gym, become a trainer, and a cover model.

I reached the first 2 goals by age 20. Now, at age 27, I will soon be featured in many national magazines & have shot the cover of Exercise & Health magazine. The biggest reason that my drive is greater than many people around me is because I have worked tirelessly for every ounce of my success. I worked 70-80 hours a week, 600 feet underground as a coal miner for 7 months to save enough money to move to the city and attend college. I was meant for bigger things in bigger places. I am very loyal to the people that have helped me get where I am today. I think the sky is the limit and I always keep things positive. I continue to strive to help the sport of bodybuilding; training, health and fitness grow each day.

Today, my focus is on becoming nationally recognized for my training, business, and motivational strategies. I am currently working on a few great projects. I transform people with my Unreal Results program at my Old School Gym or via internet & phone. The ONBF (Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation) is an organization that I created 4 years ago. I will be promoting my 10th Natural Bodybuilding event this year. I am also working with my supplement sponsor, BCS Nutrition (, on some new products for the national market. Xango is a company that I also have had success with. The Xango product is a great alternative for medicine and is great for the body.

Editor’s Note: Since Cory forwarded the above information to you, he has become a distributor for Naturally Juic’d and other Natural Champion products (see Pro Shop for information).

In the future, I am looking forward to getting back on-stage to compete in a natural bodybuilding show. I would also enjoy doing some more photo shoots for magazines. I am passionate about success and being a role model for the new addition to my family, Alex, who just turned 1 year old.

The Old School Gym

You’ll be hearing more about Cory Gregory, his views on training and nutrition and his new ventures, in future issues of Natural Champion magazine.


Arley Vest 

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