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15 Jul 2006

Natural Champion magazine wants to thank Lisa Hughes of the FAME Agency and the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO), based in Ontario, Canada for her courtesy in forwarding information on Renaldo Gairy. To learn more about FAME, visit

2005 was a very good year for Renaldo Gairy. He stepped on stage at the FAME Halloween Mayhem in October 2005, wowed the audience and the judges with his choreographed “Michael Jackson” style moves in his posing routine and “moon walked” away with 1st place trophies for the Light-Heavyweight division and Overall championship, plus pro card status with the WNSO.

Renaldo, who lives in Thornhill, Ontario, also took the 2005 Muscle Mania Canada Light Heavyweight and Overall titles, and first place in the open division of the 2005 FAME World Championships…all in his first year as a competitive bodybuilder! He started weight training in his last year of high school at the age of 19 and says he instantly fell in love with it. Now, some seven years later, he competes at a totally ripped 190 pounds at a height of 5’10” and stays around 210 with low body fat off season.

How did the new WNSO pro accomplish so much in such a relatively short period of time? Well, it wasn’t drugs, and it wasn’t because he does nothing but eat, sleep, train and eat and sleep some more. You might say he did it the old-fashioned way – he earned it! Here, in his own words, is an overview of his training and nutrition:

Training Philosophy:
When I’m training I work towards creating the biggest pump in my muscles as possible. This means I go fairly heavy, and I have a lot of intensity. I challenge myself to see how much pain I can take, and push my muscles, beyond their limits. Starting my routine with large movements like dead lifts, or barbell presses, I pyramid up to my heaviest load for about 6 repetitions. I’ll usually try to do 2 drop-sets with my heaviest lifts. For most of the following exercises, I’ll do 2-3 working sets, for about 6-8 repetitions. I’ll finish off with an isolation exercise, and really try to run my muscles out. Sometimes I won’t even count the repetitions. For example, I may finish my arms with around 20 reps on hammer curls. I ignore the pain go hard enough till my veins feel like exploding.

My form is super strict. Other than a mild swing for my last 2 reps, you’ll never see me cheating the weight up. The only thing bad form is good for is getting you injured, with ugly muscles. I think about the muscle involved in a movement, and feel it out as best I can. This allows me to put the entire load from an exercise directly into the intended muscles. I usually think about my next workout while looking in the mirror the night before. I see the areas of my body that need improvement as a problem, and think about how I’m going to treat it in my workout the next day. This is what I have been doing since I started training 6 years ago. It isn’t enough to just build muscles, I really work to balance everything, and create an aesthetic physique.”

Workout Program:
This is my current off-season training program. I switch it up here and there, but this program has worked the best for me.
Day 1 Back
Day 2 Off
Day 3 Chest & Biceps
Day 4 Shoulders & Triceps
Day 5 Off
Day 6 Legs
Day 7 Off

I’ll sneak calves, abs, traps, and forearms in there as well.

When I’m in season there is no real pattern to my training. Some days I do my entire body, or I might just do chest and back. It all depends on how I’m feeling that day. I try to do my cardio in the mornings for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes at night. Walking on an incline works best for me, and has the added benefit of improving my calves.

In the off-season, I don’t have a very strict diet (Editor’s Note: It looks pretty strict to us, but then dietary discipline is one of the keys to Renaldo’s success). The only thing I try to stay away from is processed sugar, because it doesn’t have much use other than kicking up your insulin. On the other hand, boosting my insulin after a workout with 70g dextrose is a regular thing for me. Combining this with 50g of whey, and 500mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, and you’ve got my typical post workout shake. I’ll supplement with 5-8g of creatine, and 10g of glutamine every day. An off season day may look like this

Meal 1:
1-cup oats
1 banana
6-8 egg whites
1 scoop whey
Pinch of cinnamon
(I blend this all together and drink it)
Flax/hemp seed oil

Meal 2:
8oz Chicken Breast
2 cups Yams or Red potatoes
1 cup Veggies

Meal 3: (pre workout)
1 Boost/Ensure Meal replacement (plus calories)
1 scoop whey
3g creatine


Meal 4: (post workout)
2 scoops whey
70g dextrose
5g creatine
1000mg vitamin C

Meal 5:
1 can of tuna
2 whole-wheat bagels
1 apple

Meal 6:
8 oz Lean meat
2 cups Rice or Pasta
1-cup veggies

Meal 7:
1 scoop Casein
5g glutamine
1 tbsp flax/help seed oil

I won’t hesitate to sneak a pizza or some McDonalds in there, especially if I’ve missed a few meals. Shhhhhhhhh.

When I’m getting ready for a competition, I eat the same foods everyday. Usually it consists of a relatively small portion of complex carbohydrates in my first and third meals, together with protein, fats, and green vegetables in all my six meals of the day. It’s mostly chicken, egg whites, and turkey for protein, oatmeal and red potatoes for carbs. Vegetables can be anything green and leafy like spinach or broccoli. As I’m getting closer to the competition, we (Mahmud Zweik, my trainer and nutritionist and I) play around with the carbs a lot. It all depends on how I’m looking, so it’s always a little different. I’ll up my vitamin C to 6grams, glutamine to 20g, and 10g BCAA’s to keep my immune system up and prevent muscle catabolism. I’ll also use chromium, MCT oil, and a fat burner like Thermalean.

On a personal level, Renaldo, who was born February 4, 1980, is a graduate of McMaster University and has a B.Sc. in Computers science and Psychology. Currently, he works as a personal trainer at Extreme Fitness in Thornhill and plans to continue working in the fitness industry. A bachelor – he says he’s100% single, Renaldo’s interests outside of the world of fitness include drawing (figures, portraits), science (he enjoys watching the discovery channel), and mixing electronic music.

We at Natural Champion wish Renaldo continuing success.








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