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How to burn the fat off of Abs.
15 Aug 2006

QUESTION: What about abs? I’ve been doing situps and leg raises but I’m having trouble getting rid of that little layer of fat around my abs. Two quick questions: Should I do abs every day and should I do high reps to burn off the fat?

Two quick answers: No and No.

First, working any body part every day can lead to overtraining and your abs are no exception. One result of overtraining is muscle atrophy, which can actually lead to a ‘smoother’ rather than more defined look…just the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Second, it’s a fallacy that high reps burn fat - unless you’re prepared to do continuous reps for twenty minutes or more.

Also, bear in mind that burning fat and increasing abdominal definition is primarily a matter of proper nutrition.

My advice is to work train your midsection pretty much like any other body part…no more than twice a week with moderate reps and high intensity. And I’d substitute crunches and hanging knee-ins for avoid regular sit ups and straight leg raises, both of which tend to negatively stress the lower back

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