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The XPE Experience
15 Jun 2006

When you drive into the parking lot at Main Event Fitness in Marietta, Georgia, you can tell when the big dogs of pro sports are going through their paces at the XPE training center by the Cadillac Escalades, the Mercedes, the Jags, the sleek looking Viper, the stately Bentley. But inside XPE, the drivers of such luxury vehicles are working right alongside college and high school athletes as well as others, males and females, who are not competitive athletes but are simply fitness enthusiasts seeking to reach new levels, all of them under careful supervision as they go through their paces on weights, machines, and bands for resistance to build strength and explosive power, speed and agility drills on specialized equipment that includes high performance treadmills, plyometric devices, a bungee pulley system, and even 20 yards of new-age “Field Turf” so that athletes can work on 40-yard dash starts.

XPE, short for Extreme Performance Enhancement, is the brainchild of Tony Villani (see this month’s Introducing…feature on Tony) who combines education – he earned his Masters Degree in Exercise Science from the George Washington University. finished in the top of his class and had his thesis on sports training published by The European Journal of Applied Physiology – with experience, having worked with over 200 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and fitness and some1000 collegiate and high school athletes as well as any number of fitness enthusiasts.

Let’s “listen” as Tony explains some of the background and philosophy behind XPE:

Initially geared for and funded by professional athletes to ensure that their athletic potential was reached, XPE’s unique blend of sport training methodologies have been proven on numerous athletes from all professional sports to help any athlete reach new levels of performance. This is accomplished not only by pushing each athlete, but by also focusing on and teaching every athlete the biomechanics of movement. Individual deficiencies are then targeted and a specific program is developed. These programs are set up to not only be “sport specific,” but “athlete specific” for each individual.

XPE clients include professional athletes trying to set personal or league records, college athletes preparing for a professional tryout or upcoming season, high school athletes attempting to obtain a college scholarship, and fitness enthusiast wanting to push themselves to new levels.

The XPE training program background and philosophy involve three main characteristics

1. Academic research.

2. Training experience.

3. Physical ability.

XPE trainers also possess and learn the needed drills to physically compete with the athletes. Many training programs have trainers that have either education or experience or physical ability, but at XPE trainers not only having the educational background and experience to coach an athlete through a drill, but also the ability to do it with them. It is part of the XPE philosophy that all three characteristics are vital to the success of the program.

XPE also provides specific program design. The new “buzzword” is “sport specific” training, but all too often a training program involves some flexibility exercises, a high knee speed drill, an agility drill with a ladder, and some abdominal work. At the end of this type of session, the client supposedly trained like an “athlete.” This is where XPE is different. XPE programs are designed to be not only “sport specific,” but “athlete specific.” Speed, agility, power, explosion, balance, flexibility, core strength, etc. are needed for every sport. Obviously different sports require more of one than the other. In more depth, different positions within the same sport differentiate themselves more. The goal with XPE training is to:

1st – Identify what demands are put on each athlete within their sport and position.

2nd – Identify what the athlete needs to or desires to work on.

3rd – Implement the correct training programs.

This sounds simple but is rarely followed. The second step is often over looked. For example, it is wrong to say that XPE has a training program designed for offensive lineman. XPE rather has numerous speed and/or explosion and/or agility and/or balance and/or strength and/or conditioning workouts designed. What workouts each offensive lineman participates in totally depends on what each offensive lineman needs to work on. One offensive lineman may need to work on speed getting ready for a 40-yard dash test while another may need to establish a starting point for intense training and begin with strength and conditioning workouts. The same scenario is true for every sport and every position. At XPE, you will learn to differentiate workouts for all athletes. You will acquire the needed knowledge and have a data base of workouts to chose from.

XPE’s professional athletes are involved physically, emotionally, and financially with the success of the program. Simply put, XPE program’s work. XPE has many endorsements and the list keeps growing because of the success our athletes have with the “physical” training part of the program. This is not where it ends with XPE.

Our athletes are also emotionally attached to the program. Our athletes respect our “Sponsorship Program” and see that we use their training fees to give back to the community and train younger athletes from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Our pro athletes also show up at camps to further this approach.


No other sports training program has financial incentives built in for high profile athletes that endorse their program. XPE does. XPE athletes have the ability to open a XPE facility in an area of their choice. A business approach had been developed and is already being sought after by many XPE athletes, including: Jamal Lewis, Hines Ward, Dorsey Levens, and Travis Taylor to name a few. XPE will remain at the top by continually giving back to the community and its professional athletes alike.

XPE has also developed a fitness approach. Training athletes is great, but many regular people can also benefit from training where pro athletes train. Not only will they benefit, but the bottom line of XPE benefits. XPE has already secured an endorsement from Mason Betha and many more high profile endorsements from the non athletic community will follow. This new market will open many doors.

In future issues we’ll be presenting more in depth information on XPE. If you’d like to know more about XPE, it’s founder, and it’s athletes, you can contact Tony Villani at

Arley Vest 

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