/i//CoryBW.jpg We want to welcome you to the August, 2006 issue of Natural Champion, the online magazine devoted to developing drug free champions.

Our mission at Natural Champion is to promote physical excellence without the use of harmful and illegal performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you attain the very highest standards of peak physical performance and vibrant, life-long health.

Natural Champion has more than doubled in size in only three issues. We are pleased to have you along as we continue to grow. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)

Other Features and Columns this month include:

Ask the Natural Champion: WHAT ABOUT ABS? Abdominal training can be a pain in the...back!


Natural Nutrition: SUPER SIZE ME...What athletes can learn from the movie.

Introducing… This month we're pleased to introduce two Natural Champions...

Cory Gregory - Anyone who thinks that all bodybuilders are gym rats who plan their days around working out, eating, sleeping and playing video games should meet Cory Gregory.



/i/1_Arm_2H.jpg Lisa Hughes - In past issues we’ve given thanks to the FAME organization and WNSO ((World Natural Sports Organization) for sending us information about and photos of some of their athletes and models for use in Natural Champion magazine. This issue we are pleased to be able to profile the young lady who has sent us most of the foregoing info…Lisa Hughes, who is herself a successful competitor in FAME and other fitness events.

News & Views: We constantly discover websites and newsletters and this month wanted to share a couple we have found interesting and think you will too.

Tom Venuto, at www.tomvenuto.com, has a site devoted to drug free fitness and offers a free newsletter.

Alan Palmieri’s website, www.palmieribodybuilding.com, is an information source for natural, drug-free bodybuilding. We recommend you check out both sites; once you do, you’ll keep going back. Stochastic oscillator

NATURALLY JUIC’D STUDY: We’re in the final stages of a comprehensive ‘field test study’ on the effects of Naturally Juic’d involving a wide range of participants that includes high level competitive athletes and casual ‘weekend’ fitness enthusiast from ages ranging from the late teens to the senior citizen category. Next month we’ll have a full report but for now we can say that the high expectations of our manufacturing lab have more than been met.

We can also state that we have been pleasantly surprised to receive a number of unsolicited testimonials to the positive effects of Naturally Juic’d in improving workout performance, increasing energy and combating fatigue, decreasing and even eliminating joint pain, increasing lean mass while concurrently decreasing body fat and other good stuff.

Guess Column: THE PUSH-UP KING.

Kenny Guess profiles a most unusual, and very inspirational, natural champion...a grade school youngster who can do more pushups with one arm than most grown men can with two! Bitcoin

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